My TV Advert Synopsis


(›Give an overview of your advert  (what happens)

Who’d want to watch it? (mini audience profile!)

›What structure is it? (realist narrative, anti-realist narrative, animation, documentary)

›What style is it? (humorous, surreal, dramatic, parodic)

›What codes and conventions are you using? (camera angle, shot, iconography, editing, lighting, sound, music, computer graphics; special effects (SFX) )

›Techniques: are there hidden and overt messages; emotional responses or association, eg solution to a problem, fear, concern, compassion, self-perception, social position; celebrity endorsement?


My TV advert is for Lynx and is aimed towards 14-18 year old school and college students.

It follows a boy aged 16 around his stressful school day of running late to lessons up busy corridors, sweating over difficult school work and forgetting his equipment. Halfway through the advert, a friend of his hands him a can of Lynx and the protagonist uses it to find his stresses dissolve immediately in the mist of the deodorant. When the mist clears, the lead looks up to see his teacher hand him an “A-graded” piece of homework and receives a smile from an attractive female member of his class.


The structure is a documentary-style, following the protagonist throughout his day.


The style is dramatic, featuring school alarm bells, quick transitions between shots and fast-paced music to create tension and empathy towards the character before he’s introduced to Lynx.




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