Meeting Minutes 2

In our groups we discussed the most important aspects in creating a successful TV advert.

Abbie also gave us a checklist to make sure we’re all on the right track.

Anne-Marie joined our group and we explained the idea we have for our advert and the content of our last meeting to catch her up on what she’s missed.

As a class we all individually shared one thing we discussed in our smaller groups.

I shared that I feel it’s important that we all have a clear idea to share with our talent, Maya, so that she can feel confident in doing exactly what we ask her to do. This could be in the form of a story board and a choreography script (as she won’t have dialogue) so that she knows what to do at the right times.

Ann-Marie mentioned the importance of having a back-up plan if things such as the weather or location don’t go exactly to plan on the day or if problems come up that are out of our control. Carmen added to Ann-Marie’s point by saying that we should ask permission from location owners and make the public aware of our filming to ensure our shots are clear and only contain Maya and no other members of the public.
Carmen also mentioned that the weather may work in our favour regardless. For example, if it were to rain it may add to the dramatic flavour we want in our advert.

Chloe made a similar point that planning is important and that we should come up with a clear schedule to ensure we all keep on track.

Emily mentioned the importance of a budget as we will have to purchase a bottle of perfume and perhaps small props which we will discuss at our next meeting.

I told the group I will share a screen shot of the message I sent to Maya asking her if she’s be happy to be our talent in the advert.



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