Meeting Minutes 3

We all pitched our individual ideas for a perfume advert.

Chloe’s idea was of a girl waking up in the morning to spray herself with perfume on her dressing table. She then walks through various whimsical scenes and the advert fades back into an image of the perfume.

Carmen’s idea was of an aesthetically pleasing, “flowy” advert involving a girl walking through beautiful scenes at sunset.

My idea is of a girl writing a Christmas card as Christmas time. She walks through a town in the evening surrounded by Christmas lights and various colours and before posting the Christmas card, she sprays it with perfume to add “a magic touch” and the posts it through an old-style red letter box.

Unfortunately Ann-Marie was unable to attend this meeting so her idea couldn’t be pitched or voted for.

Chloe, Carmen and I all voted on who’s pitch we liked the most and mine was chosen.

I will now work on strengthening my idea and creating a clearer storyboard and synopsis so that I can contact Maya and pitch our idea to her.


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