Story of Lily is a 47 second advertisement for a body mist called “Story of Lily”.

The advert follows Lily, a young girl, exploring a forest area and writing a Christmas card to her secret sweetheart. The slogan features the pun “Add a little mist-ery this Christmas” as the body mist is sprayed onto her Christmas card before she posts it into a secret place.

My primary target audience for this product is girls aged 13-18 and the secondary target audience is parents of the primary target audience.



My advert is theatrical and is inspired by Nina Ricci’s “L’Elixir/Sunday Girl” advert. The set of the advert was what I loved the most and this instilled the idea of my advert being set in a forest. I parodied certain scenes (demonstrated in the images above) that I was highly influenced by.

I used the music from Anastasia’s Once Upon A December as the messages of hope and ambition in the film are messages that I wanted to feature in my advert.



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