Location Recce


Woodland area on South Devon College grounds



Issue What to look for Notes








Clear concrete footpath until beginning of the path leading to the woodland area. Path to woodland area was muddy and overgrown so care was taken to ensure we used the path safely.







Enough room (for cast/contributors, crew and necessary equipment)  

Filming space was very spacious with plenty of room for equipment, crew and choreography by the actress



Immovable objects (Are there any that will get in the frame?)  

Immovable objects such as trees were welcomed as they enhanced the scenes and were necessary


Set dressing requirements (esp. for dramatic production) The natural space was perfect for the advert. Only dressing was placing the cape onto a branch on a tree that was then removed during filming.








Windows (Are there blinds/curtains to minimise changes in daylight during the shoot?) Leaves with thick trees affected some lighting in certain areas of the space and due to the winter season daylight was time-restricted
Issue What to look for Notes






Traffic noise Filming space was isolated so no unwanted noise occurred due to traffic
Other people on location (Might people who live/work on location be disrupting the shoot?) A group of students unrelated to the production arrived onto the set to film their own pieces. This was disputed politely and the group agreed to come back when we were done.


Reason for the decision to use the chosen location:


 The storyline is set in the woods and the set space was inspired by Nina Ricci’s L’Elixir advert. The woods made the perfect set and it worked effectively.

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