Task 2 – Research, Proposal, Concept Drawings, Audience Profile, Image Manipulation, Pros and Cons


Polite note: Due to formatting issues, I have lost work and thus have only been able to produce 3 existing packaging analysis instead of the 6 requested.


This is a logo for Riverford Organics, an organic vegetable company that provides locally sourced produce.

This design would have been created using a vector programme as it is constructed using shapes. I like the simplicity of the design and how the colour fills don’t quite fit tidily into the outlines of the vegetables. This gives the logo a casual and inviting aspect that I plan to emulate in my product.



This packaging may have been designed using Adobe Photoshop using the pen tool to draw the path of the text, then using the text tool to draw along the line. This is a simplistic but very effective design and the variety of colours creates the illusion of the sea and its different shades of blue. The left and right design have accent colours that correlate nicely with the packaging. Overall, these designs are very simple but effective and this simplicity is something I will keep to mind when designing my own products.



These designs, again, are very simple but effective. I like that the designer changed certain aspects such as colours or images but kept the overall look of the packaging uniform so the buyer can recognise these products as part of the same brand. The colours used from product to product are also very different to each other so there can be no confusion between flavours or ingredients for the buyer.


My designs for my own packaging have been inspired by the above existing packages.

The target audience profile for my packaging is

Pros and Cons

Originally I began to emulate the design in the Hebridean Sea Salt packaging (can be found above) but I found this to be difficult to do as a beginner with PhotoShop. My idea was to have the strap lines and key selling points of the product waving along the box in various earthy colours such as brown and a deep green. This idea was also very time-consuming so I went for a simpler idea.
I studied the existing Delish packaging





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