Questionnaire Analysis


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In my group we conducted some primary research through a questionnaire to help us to create a successful advert.

We asked:

  • What types of adverts appeal to you most? (Tick all that apply)We asked this to gain an overall insight into what adverts are popular currently as we were new to this perspective of TV advertising.

    The majority of the answers liked adverts that were humourous or had a storyline (narrative).

  • What is your favourite advert and why?We asked this to narrow down the above answers and get direct examples of popular TV advertisements.

    The most popular answer was the Doritos advert for being funny.

  • What is your least favourite advert and why?We asked this to gain examples of unpopular adverts so we knew what features to steer away from when creating our own advert.

    The most popular answer was GoDaddy Loans for being unprofessional and immature.

  • What three words do you associate with Christmas adverts?We asked this to create a form of a word mood board so we could use words and their connotations to inspire our advert and conjure ideas.

    Answers included: happy, fantasy, festive, exciting, cute, cheerful, funny, family, food, John Lewis, Christmas trees and Santa

  • Which of the following words do you associate with a perfume advert?Similarly to the above question, we wanted words that not only were associated with Christmas, but more specific words to the actual product.

    Answers included: Elegance (said 5 times), lust, love, French, fashion.

  • What is your age?We asked this to determine what particular ages liked so we could create an advert tailored closely to our primary and secondary target audiences.

Answers were from 16 and 17 year olds. This was a positive response as I was able to make sure my advert would appeal to this age group.

The most useful information for me that was taken from this survey were the words that were given that associated with Christmas and perfume. I created a semantic field of elegance and love throughout the advert. I found the other answers somewhat unuseful and next time I would tailor the questions to give answers specifically about perfume or Christmas, as I found the “favourite” adverts to be difficult to gain inspiration from.


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