Task 4 – Evaluation/Reflection

Effectiveness – What problems did you come across and how did you solve them? What could be improved?

While creating my packaging I encountered some problems. The most notable problem was my inexperience and lack of Photoshop and InDesign skills. To resolve these issues I worked on small practice tasks such as the “Layer Mask” task that can be found under the “‘Delish’ Packaging Project” category on this blog. This task helped me to famscreen-shot-2016-10-03-at-11-29-29iliarise myself with the layout of Photoshop and the types of tools available.

My designs, as a result of my amateur skills, had to remain very simplistic. However, I believe this gave my designs a “less is more” style and worked effectively.

Response to Feedback – What did audiences think of your work?

To ensure my product remained effective and catered to the needs and desires of the client, I reached out to my peers and tutor for feedback.

My peers commented on my simplistic designs and encouraged me to expand them and create a more complex final product. My most complex and effective design is my hand drawn/watercolour inspired packaging. I used images of lemons and thyme which correlate with the flavour of the product and filled empty spaces effectively without overpowering the packaging. My tutor said my design was “very fresh” and  complimented the fresh flavour of the product.

Technical competence/Creative Ability – How well did you do? What were your technical skills like? How creative do you think you were?

Creatively, I believe I have a strong ability as my initial sketches were complex and effective ideas inspired by the Artisan catalogue as per the recommendation of the client. In the catalogue I found two main designs that I was inspired by.

The first design is on a bottle of flavoured gin. I really liked the hand-drawn/painted element of the design and the minimal use of the colours yellow and green which not only complimeScreen Shot 2017-01-16 at 11.28.03.pngnted the overall design, but also gave an indication of the subtle flavours that the ingredients  of elderflower and cucumber have.

The second design I liked was a label for Sunny Lemons. Similarly to the gin label design, the Sunny Lemons design used the same colours (yellow and green) but in differe228e0e37f777f1d20ee0d4246b795626.jpgnt ways to create different effects. This design used variations of the colours and a watercolour/painted style to add depth and realism. I took inspiration from the white text box with slight opacity and the text over the top and used this in my own packaging
for my art-based packaging. I found using a fully opaque white text box was too abrasive and didn’t fit into the overall aesthetic of my packaging design.
I found using the ruler tool in Photoshop helped me greatly and allowed me to place text boxes and images in effective areas of the product. The ruler and text box tools also created neat images and allowed my design to remain uniform, tidy and professional.

Finished Product – Why did you construct the print product the way you did? How do you think it looks technically (skills in software)? What is visually pleasing about it?

My graphics and photography based designs, I believe, were poor and too simplistic. However, I could have improved these designs by adding features such as extra images or a variation in the layouts to add something unique to each design.

I do believe, however, my photography-based design could have been enhanced as the initial idea was to have imagesp179ii63n01hmv1guc1k5djcsnnbp of the place in which the ingredients were produced or harvested (Cornwall – Cornish Sea Salt) which I have seen in the existing industry with products such as Cornish Fairings (pictured left). I could perhaps have added an effect over the background
image, such as manipulating the opacity or intensity of the colours, to blend it effectively with the softer text boxes and fonts I used.


Compare – How does your print product compare to those existing in the industry today or from the past? How does it compare with your original intentions?

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 11.11.03.png









My product can be compared to the existing Delish packaging (pictured above). My packaging is much lighter compared to the existing packaging and I prefer my use of pastel colours and images of the ingredients. I used similar language in the description of my products and the existing packaging also showed me vital features that should be on my packaging such as the weight and recyclable information. One feature that I was inspired by was the use of a faded design on the orange panels of the existing Delish packaging.




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