(PowerPoint Notes) Unit 36 – Interview Techniques

Different interview styles:

  • Direct interviews- overt interviews
  • Covert interviews/ footage
  • Ambush interviews
  • Talking Heads
  • Vox Pops
  • Email/ phone interviews- voice over/ text only- audio/visual limitations.


Types of questions:

  • Open questions
  • Closed questions
  • Leading questions
  • Rising and falling Intonation
  • Simple/ direct question phrasing
  • Soft questions
  • Follow up questions
  • Voice/tone/register
  • Body language- listening, eye contact, responding to interviewee
  • Think about how to structure your interview- which questions do you ask? Which order do you ask the questions in? How do you begin and end the interview? Do you ask follow up questions?


Purposes of interviews:

  • Inform the audience
  • Educate?
  • Entertain
  • Persuade/ promote
  • Motivate emotional effect on the audience- charities?
  • Research


How to conduct an interview:

  • Ensure your questions are appropriate
  • Research your subject before conducting the interview
  • Prepare your questions and practice
  • Make your interviewee feel relaxed
  • Start off with easy questions- soft questions
  • Make sure your questions reflect the focus of the interview
  • Keep your questions on topic
  • Make the phrasing of your questions clear
  • Avoid too much bias in your question
  • Use open questions-Don’t ask closed questions
  • Give people time to answer
  • Your questions should be accurate
  • Record your interview on a camera in suitable locations
  • Keep eye contact
  • Meet somewhere the interviewee will feel comfortable
  • Make sure the interview is held in a suitable and reasonably quiet place.
  • Ensure that your questions are specific to the different people you are interviewing.


Issues with interviewing

  • Bias and objectivity- core component for factual programming including news programming and documentaries.
  • The royal charter ensures that the BBC news reporting must be fair and objective.
  • This is not always the case for all news- especially in US.
  • Fox news (owned by Rupert Murdoch- Sky) motto is “Fair and Balanced” the interview and news feature process is anything but.
  • Libel and Defamation-Collectively known as defamation, libel and slander are civil wrongs that harm a reputation; decrease respect, regard, or confidence; or induce disparaging, hostile, or disagreeable opinions or feelings against an individual or entity. The injury to one’s good name or reputation is affected through written or spoken words or visual images.



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