Doorstep Arts


The Doorstep Arts blog would be an ideal platform to publish my interview. This blog consists of posts and findings by members of the theatre company Doorstep Arts. Here they post about anything they find interesting, and they would embrace my interview about them.


Musical Theatre Magazine


Musical Theatre Magazine is an online publication of articles from voice coaches, award winners and theatre performers.

My interview would easily suit this magazine as it features topics such as the build up to professional theatre.

This magazine, however, feels too “loud” and my interview discusses sensitive topics that may not be respectfully reflected if I emulated the house style of this magazine with their bright colours and bold imagery.



The Stage


The Stage is an online website that works as a platform for all news about theatre. They have different categories for easy navigation, including a section dedicated to interviews where my interview could be published.



The Stage has a simplistic array of colours and a contemporary feel.
The above interview is not laid out as a double-page spread, however there are elements that I will emulate in my own double-page spread.

For example, they have used bold black text for questions and titles. They have also used their signature blue colour to highlight important words to links.

They have also used one large image of the interviewee in one of his performances, which is relevant to the article.

I will create my double-page spread for The Stage, pretending The Stage is a print magazine.

I will emulate their house styles and use relevant imagery to the topics discussed to make my page seem like it could really be published in this magazine.



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