Task 1: Interview Research Portfolio

My interview is between myself and aspiring director Hugh Malyon discussing the amateur theatre industry.
It will be published in The Stage, an online theatre magazine aimed at all fans of theatre as there is content that appeals to all audiences.

My interview article, in particular, is aimed at young theatre performers and their practitioners as it is a tool that can be used to gain awareness of the issues involved in the field of youth theatre.
I have chosen to interview Hugh as he is an active member of my youth theatre group and assistant director to Dr Erin Walcon and our productions.

Hugh suffers from a chronic disability, however he does not allow this to become a barrier and successfully achieves his goals.

Hugh has always been involved in theatre and discovered his desire to become a director in 2013 when first given his opportunity to direct a theatre production. Now he works alongside all co-directors of Doorstep Arts in Torbay.





  • Research and identify your target audience and chosen magazine genre
  • Issues or products interviewee is involved in
  • Previous activities of interviewee
  • Comments by others regarding interviewee
  • Story context research- facts and figures (Recording key facts and dates about topic)



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