Questionnaire Analysis


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In my group we conducted some primary research through a questionnaire to help us to create a successful advert.

We asked:

  • What types of adverts appeal to you most? (Tick all that apply)We asked this to gain an overall insight into what adverts are popular currently as we were new to this perspective of TV advertising.

    The majority of the answers liked adverts that were humourous or had a storyline (narrative).

  • What is your favourite advert and why?We asked this to narrow down the above answers and get direct examples of popular TV advertisements.

    The most popular answer was the Doritos advert for being funny.

  • What is your least favourite advert and why?We asked this to gain examples of unpopular adverts so we knew what features to steer away from when creating our own advert.

    The most popular answer was GoDaddy Loans for being unprofessional and immature.

  • What three words do you associate with Christmas adverts?We asked this to create a form of a word mood board so we could use words and their connotations to inspire our advert and conjure ideas.

    Answers included: happy, fantasy, festive, exciting, cute, cheerful, funny, family, food, John Lewis, Christmas trees and Santa

  • Which of the following words do you associate with a perfume advert?Similarly to the above question, we wanted words that not only were associated with Christmas, but more specific words to the actual product.

    Answers included: Elegance (said 5 times), lust, love, French, fashion.

  • What is your age?We asked this to determine what particular ages liked so we could create an advert tailored closely to our primary and secondary target audiences.

Answers were from 16 and 17 year olds. This was a positive response as I was able to make sure my advert would appeal to this age group.

The most useful information for me that was taken from this survey were the words that were given that associated with Christmas and perfume. I created a semantic field of elegance and love throughout the advert. I found the other answers somewhat unuseful and next time I would tailor the questions to give answers specifically about perfume or Christmas, as I found the “favourite” adverts to be difficult to gain inspiration from.

Advert Evaluation

The intention for my advert was to create a Nina Ricci and John Lewis inspired television advertisement for the perfume “Story of Lily”. I wanted to create a heartwarming advert featuring a girl who sends a Christmas card to her secret sweetheart.

My original storyboard for my advert (Which can be found here: showed my advert taking place in a town at Christmas time. I changed this idea after being further inspired by Nina Ricci’s L’Elixir advert and wanted the advert to be set in a more whimsical setting.

Through my primary research, explained in detail in my synopsis (found here: I decided to re-brand the product as a body mist to appeal to the primary target audience of young girls aged 14-18 and the secondary target audience of their parents.
I kept the concept of the character writing a Christmas card to her sweetheart and mainly adjusted the setting from a town to the forest. In my synopsis I showed the scenes from the Nina Ricci advert that I emulated in my own advert. I felt that my storyline was strong and could easily be applied to any setting so I found it easy to amend my filming plans to suit the new forest setting.

Originally I contacted a dancer called Maya to play the protagonist in the advert. I found throughout the process that mine and my group’s ideas were constantly changing and evolving faster than we could explain to Maya who had no insight into the production outside of being shown a short synopsis of the advert. As a group we decided to instead use a member within our group to play the character which worked much more effectively and made the process slicker and less complicated as we didn’t need to relay any new ideas or concepts to someone with no inside knowledge.

Technically, I believe my product is not fit for purpose. I believe the filming is amature and the lighting in each of the shots is inconsistent and doesn’t look professional as a result of this. The final establishing shot of the product was filmed without the use of a tripod and thus is very shaky, however I believe the way I have edited the footage has helped to improve the overall quality of the advert. I used fade transitions between shots and shortened the duration of these transitions to make the advert smoother. The fades also encouraged the overall magical theme in my advert and made the character seem graceful. To shorten the final short of the girl walking away through the forest I cut pieces of the long short of her walking out and added long, fading transitions.

Aesthetically, I believe my advert is visually pleasing and is effective in conveying the overall message I was trying to achieve.
I was inspired by Vance Packard’s ideas on sense-appeal and created an advert that would give the audience a visually pleasing experience that would also indicate the product’s sweet and earthy scent that are implied by the heartwarming storyline and the woodland set.

Throughout the process of creating my advert I examined my own abilities and strengths and used these as a platform to build upon. Being a fan of theatre and a musician, the music I used in my advert was my starting point as music is something I’m very confident with. I used an instrumental version of “Once Upon A December” from the animated film “Anastasia” as the morals and messages are appropriate for the primary target audience.

Anastasia is a young girl of an age within the target audience’s and the film explores her gain of confidence, strength and ambition. I used Once Upon A December as an intertextual reference to these morals and subtly inserted them into my advert using this music.

Making decisions that go against the general grain in the perfume advertising industry  such as encouraging morals, I feel, will gain my product recognition and the brand as a whole will be viewed as more than a producer of a scent.

I found through my primary research that perfume advertisements also have loose storylines that don’t directly relate to the product or the intentions of the company and this, I feel, is also inappropriate for my target audience and thus I undertook further research to ensure my advertisement was successful in conveying my intended message.

Todorov’s theories were also applied during this process and I wanted to conform to his theory and offer the audience a solution or an aid to a problem. This is implied in the line “Add a little mist-ery this Christmas” as the protagonist in the advert used the product to add mystery and personalisation to her Christmas card.

Feedback from my peers on the finished product was very useful. The main comment was that my advert was slightly too long for television, and considering the age of my primary target audience, I would shorten the length of my advertisement next time as young people may lost interest too quickly and not see the product that is featured at the end of the advert.
My teacher felt that there were too many shots of the product, therefore I removed a photo of the product that I originally had at the end of the advert and overlayed the same text over the final hand-held filmed shot of the product at the end instead.

My peers praised my editing and “love[d] the transition from shot to shot”, which I also feel is a strong element in the finished product.


Shot list – Shooting Log



Shot No:

Type of Shot / subject /   continuity notes



1 Establishing shot of the woodland scenery 2
2 Wide shot of actress running through the woods 1.5
3 Close up of girl sitting onto stool 1.5
4 Close up of girl writing Christmas card 1
5 Close up of girl writing Christmas card 1
6 Girl taking cape off of tree 1
7 Girl taking cape off of tree 1
8 Girl turning – Mid shot 1
9 Girl turning – Mid shot 1
10 Girl taking lid off of body mist bottle – Mid shot 3
11 Girl spraying body mist onto perfume – Mid shot 2
12 Girl placing envelope into secret space- Close up 0.5
13 Girl placing envelope into secret space – Close up 2.5
14 Girl walking through woods – Wide shot 7
15 Final close up of body mist bottle 12

Location Recce


Woodland area on South Devon College grounds



Issue What to look for Notes








Clear concrete footpath until beginning of the path leading to the woodland area. Path to woodland area was muddy and overgrown so care was taken to ensure we used the path safely.







Enough room (for cast/contributors, crew and necessary equipment)  

Filming space was very spacious with plenty of room for equipment, crew and choreography by the actress



Immovable objects (Are there any that will get in the frame?)  

Immovable objects such as trees were welcomed as they enhanced the scenes and were necessary


Set dressing requirements (esp. for dramatic production) The natural space was perfect for the advert. Only dressing was placing the cape onto a branch on a tree that was then removed during filming.








Windows (Are there blinds/curtains to minimise changes in daylight during the shoot?) Leaves with thick trees affected some lighting in certain areas of the space and due to the winter season daylight was time-restricted
Issue What to look for Notes






Traffic noise Filming space was isolated so no unwanted noise occurred due to traffic
Other people on location (Might people who live/work on location be disrupting the shoot?) A group of students unrelated to the production arrived onto the set to film their own pieces. This was disputed politely and the group agreed to come back when we were done.


Reason for the decision to use the chosen location:


 The storyline is set in the woods and the set space was inspired by Nina Ricci’s L’Elixir advert. The woods made the perfect set and it worked effectively.

Costume and Props


  • Cape
  • Black scater dress
  • Brown leather shoes
  • Black leggings
  • Purple nail varnish


  • Christmas card
  • Envelope
  • Perfume (body mist)
  • Pen
  • Wooden stool
  • Cape



Pictures above is the red cape that I purchased for my advert. I  wanted to use the cape to hide the face of the actress so that the audience would relate and identify with her as she could be anyone. The colour red also has connotations of romance and it contrasted well with the earth colours in the filming space.

Mock Budget







£250 (including tax) per day per camera


2 days of filming = £500




£30 (including tax) per day per tripod


2 days of filming = £60






£200 per day = £400 total




£7-£150 per hour.


8 hours per day = 16 hours total = £112-£2400




£150 per day



Public space – No fees applicable. Permission granted by landowners



Body mist – £49

Christmas card – £3.59

Pen – £2

Wooden stool- £25




Basic hotel room – £50 per person per night



Advert filmed outside – Studio hire fees not applicable
TOTAL   £4189.59